A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Icedro has trapped you, a snowman, in his frosty frigid icy labyrinth/maze! 

All you have is a flashlight and your wits!

To escape the maze, you must look VERY carefully for anything out of place.

UPDATE: I think I made it too challenging, as always. [Spoiler] There's a small wall you can walk through.


W A S D - Movement

Right Mouse Click - Toggle flash light

Space Bar - Jump

Install instructions

Download and double click Icedro's Frosty Labyrinth.exe


Icedros-Frosty-Labyrinth.zip 130 MB
Icedros-Frosty-Labyrinth-Mac.app.zip 132 MB

Development log


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Good game dev but needs some work on it , i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thanks for the video! Sorry, I make my games too hard. :P 

There's an invisible wall you need to find. I'll see if I can add some more clues. :)

And I'll add some more "spooky" elements.